Paris vol. 2

Its one of the cities that never disappoints (if you approach it with a correct mindset). The overwhelming ease that fills the streets of Paris instantly washes away everyday stress and anxiety. I find it best not to rush here and enjoy city’s art and food scene. For rest stops in-between I recommend following the French and relaxing on a chair in one of the parks.


As always couple of recommendations:

Boucherie Rouliere

Best snails in my live. The meat portions are massive so go easy.

Bar a Bulles

It’s a cosy bar at the Moulin Rouge windmill. Great place to chill out in the evening. Might queue for 15min and service could be better but still worth the trip.


Auberge des deux pants

Absolute highlight of the trip! Can’t recommend it enough. It’s a tiny auberge run by one lovely man. And I do mean run: food cooking and preparation, waitering, managing all done by one person. Duck with foie gras is to die for (you can order some foie gras to pick up at the end of your trip).


Till next time Paris

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