D&AD Festival 2019

The long awaited 3 days filled with creativity, inspiration, passion and valuable insights never disappoint. It is always a good place to look back at the industries best work (my list below), work on those awkward networking skills and get wowed by the creative’s bests. It was my 3rd time attending and I would highly recommend it to anyone who still hasn’t been and has a chance to.

There are couple of main parts to D&AD Festival: talks&panels, exhibitions and branded popups. Be sure to explore all of them (prioritising talks, some of them can have quite a queue so its best to plan ahead and figure out your own schedule).

My industry best work list:

The People’s seat | Grey London | The United Nations


Viva La Vulva | AMV BBDO | Libresse


Nothing Beats a Londoner | W+K London | Nike


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