The land of great vine, food and art needs no introduction

Places to see, eat and visit

Gaiole in ChiantiIMG_7283










Moda e modi, stile e costume in Italia exhibition


Castelo di Ama / Siena


With art, scenery, great food and delicious vine all in one place, Castelo di Ama is a must see place. ‘A microcosm of wine, art and hospitality’ they call themselves and could not be more right.

San Gimignano

Arguably best ice creams in Italy

Galleria Continua (https://www.galleriacontinua.com/)


San Giovanni Valdarno


Masaccio’s house



Piero della Francesca | Madonna del parto (1459-1467)

Castelo di Brolio

Belonging to Ricasoli family Brolio Castle dates back to the Middle Ages. It has suffered countless attacks throughout the ages due to its strategic position. The castle has been rebuild and repaired many times and today contains elements from different eras: there are the fortified medieval bastions, Romanesque and neo-Gothic additions and unique nineteenth century Tuscan details. A castle with so much history is bound to have a bit of mistery and magic surrounding it. From ages the castle has belonged to one family with ancestors’ graves piling up in a family crypt. However, once you do the math it looks like either some graves are missing here or some members of the Ricasoli family have been alive more than the should be..


Last but not least, Italy’s art daughter – Florence

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