Design Activism

Design Activism

History of human life is a history of fights, rebellions, uprisings and war. We fight for what we believe in using any means necessary. Power, hard work, strength, literature, music, politics, manifestations and design. Through design groups of people could join under one name, slogan, poster and tell the rest of the world what they want/think. Art and design follows activism giving it unique voice and identity. With most manifestations comes hundreds of posters, banners and flyers flooding the streets and for a brief moment becoming a paper army. Contradictory to fine art hidden in posh museums this art is for everyone to see, witness and even create. It is not like every hand-painted sign was created by a professional designer. In this case art is freedom, art is a medium we use to fight for our freedom.

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However, for designers that can become the main (and sometimes only) medium when it comes to activism. This area of design is very different from others, especially because it pushes the aesthetics from the first place. First place goes to effectiveness and functionality (also when it comes to the selection of a proper medium). Furthermore, that kind of design is often meant to live for a brief moment. Successful design activism is a design of a moment. The only exception is a design that becomes a symbol and serves future generations in the fights to come.


Nevertheless it is always worth checking if we are using a correct one.

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