BB // Branding spaces

At todays session we discussed branding nations and spaces. We looked at how different countries/cities/events are advertised and perceived. We talked about Olympic games in London (2012) and Rio (2016), how the whole identity of united people (citizens) gathered together in a love embrace was built and how juxtapose it actually was to the locals.

Rio’s legacy: a highway where Games buses and local anger collide

After the presentation we were asked to pick a place (city/country/area) and create a board with all of the things we associate this place with. My group picked Paris and here is our board:

Photo 08-11-2016.jpeg

Second exercise we did was to rebrand Elephant and Castle so it attracts different audiences. Our audience was developers – residential/commercial/institutional. To attract them we decided to empathise on the fact that around Elephant and Castle there are many students and almost no student places. This opens a great are for developers to invest in small cafes, pubs and shops students could go to during breaks and after classes. That’s why our approach would be “Give them a place to go”. Here is a poster we created:

Student castle.jpg

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