MUJI Poster Exhibition

This October Japanese design store MUJI celebrates its 25 years of existence at European market. Founded in 1980 clothing and homeware brand presents to us minimalist design like no other. Admired today MUJI coherent identity was designed by Ikko Tanaka Japanese award winning designer who acted as brands art director till 2001.

To celebrate its quarter century MUJI is hosting an exhibition of its posters in their London store in Covent Garden. MUJI says about its posters:

“The posters illustrate our trajectory as one of the leading global design brands. Individually each is an advertisement, but together, the posters offer a perspective on how we gained our reputation for innovation, charm, humour and an lasting commitment to our three founding principles: selection of materials, streamlining processes and simplifying processes.”

Couldn’t agree more. Each poster individually and all of them as a whole are consistent, beautifully designed works of art with an excellent photography and carefully organised typography.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Beside the collection of posters we can also see a small collection of MUJI’s most iconic products, window display designed by one of the six picked by MUJI design and lifestyle bloggers and #MyMUJI photobooth where you can document your visit. Well curated exhibition is a special treat for any MUJI fan but also great experience for any design/minimalist lover. After leaving London exhibition moves to Milan and can be seen there till November 7.



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