Last week I had an amazing opportunity to visit Madrid with my boyfriend. We were there just for one night but still manage to fall in love with the city. Main reason we came to Madrid was to support our local team Legia Warsaw in a game with one of the worlds best team Real Madrid.


First day was all about The Game, we went to the stadium, bought special match scarves, paid 5euro for a hotdog and screamed as they sang “the chaaaaaaaammmpioooooooonss”. Even though our team lost (what was expected) we still managed to play a really great game (and did not embarrassed ourselves) and even scored one goal.



I would definitely recommend this park to everyone – not only nature lovers. Even if you don’t give a damn about art (shame on you!) you can still enjoy a peaceful and quiet walk.

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Photo 18-10-2016-22.jpg

This was the best food I’ve eaten for weeks. You may think that living in London enables you to try different cuisine every day but you could never get food as fresh as in Spain. Here is a list of things one needs to try when in Madrid:

croquetas – they are small breadcrumbed fried food rolls with different fillings (shrimp one is delicious)

calamares a la romana – fried squids

patatas bravas – spicy chips with allioli sauce

sangria – imagine the aroma of a proper mulled wine – thats his summer sister.

One of the best places to look for food when you don’t know Madrid is lovely Puerta del Sol located in the city centre between Prado and the Palace.


One of the Europes finest collection is obviously a must-see. Unfortunately they don’t allow photography so I can’t share any pictures but I can show you examples of masterpieces you can find there.

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If you ever have an opportunity to visit Madrid take it – even if it’s just for a day.

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