Summer project // designer identity

At the end of year I we were given a summer project to keep our minds busy during holidays.

First part of the project was to do an enormous research on different areas of design and show your results as a 12 page digital pdf/epub. I came across some really amazing projects while working on that.

Take a look at my research document here:


Second part was to use gathered research and create your personal manifesto.

15 – 120 sec video basically answering the question “What kind of designer do you want to be?”

During this project I came to the conclusion that I have absolutely no idea which area of design I want to connect my future carrier with. To be honest thats partially why I chose graphic design in the first place: I have no desire to do one and the same thing my entire life. The variety in graphic design – thats what interest me, not just one specific area. I want to work in advertising, publishing, movie industry. I want to further explore all kinds of different areas of design. Thats why you won’t find area declaration in my manifesto, but rules and guidelines I wish to obey during my journey.


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