The London Bridge City development comprises over 1 million sq ft of office, retail and leisure along with private residential apartments, expansive public realm and river frontage along the Thames between London Bridge and Tower Bridge.

It is a very well designed working area. People come here to work everyday, eat lunches in one of many restaurants here and leave just to return tomorrow. What differentiate it from other working areas across London is the coherent architecture and green space which attracts tourists and brings life to the corporate world. It’s a lovely place to spend your break outside in the sun. But what happens when the sun isn’t there? Place becomes empty and sad.

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I designed a glass covered picnic pavilion for LBC, which would enable office workers to spend their lunch break outside during bad weather. It contains a canteen stand with disposable cutlery, hot water, sauces and napkins. The Picnic Pavilion is heated from the inside providing a coverage from cold, wind and rain.

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Office workers can access the Pavilion using a metal laser engraved card



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