F.B.I. Workshop Improvement/reappropriation

Design dictionary

We were divided into groups of 4 and given two words. We had to find the definition of these words and provide it to the rest of the group.

Our words: Alignment, Affordance


Using two words as our tools we were asked to approach the design of a fire extinguisher.

We chose to improve the design of a CO2 extinguisher. The main problem that we wanted to solve was the negative affordance of it’s horn. The horn mustn’t be touched while putting down the fire but it’s construction suggest otherwise. Since non of us had ever used fire extinguisher we all agreed that we would hold the horn (it’s also how people hold it in the movies as it looks more dramatic and dynamic).

Other problem we discovered was that sometimes FE is used to block the door.

Last but not least the description on the FE is too long and too small which makes it a failure in a real life situation.



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