The Debate!

Todays lecture was entitled “The Debate!” what turned out to be certainly an accurate name. Whole lecture was divided into two opposite parts. First of which was a speech about grids given by JP. We’ve seen (once again) a book by Müller-Brockmann “Grid systems in graphic design” which serves as a grid bible to graphic designers all around the world. We have seen various examples of different grids and learned about its importance. Grid system allows designers to organise their work bringing order (hierarchy and balance) to sometimes very complicated compositions. It also helps in creating justified relation between text and image providing guidelines, which makes the creation process easier.

Unfortunately there is a dark side of this gold method. By being so strict it limits designers creativity. We all know what happens when someone tries to narrow our options and deprive us of our freedom – someone will always oppose. In 1916 emerge the Dada movement, which opposed every rule of art and design known. Their answer to grid system became collages the most unorganised art since. Collages are compositions created of photographs, letters, paint and sometimes even garbage. Being so liberal in the selection of materials they allow designers to find unusual solutions to various problems presenting an opposite approach than grids.



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