Back in the days, text and image served mostly the same purposes. Text clearly stated information and the latter one served as a background, as well as the only media accessible to everyone (such as illiterate people).

Nowadays image and text doesn’t necessary has to have the same meaning. It can as well send an opposite message. People constantly add text to change the original message of the picture. It became a common way to state your negative opinion. After every important global/social/political event/crises/scandal/change we instantly came across dozens of ‘photoshopped’ images that state someone’s opinion about it. To use that kind of text-image relationship people use different approaches from humour and irony to satire.

We have seen Barbara Kruger posters during our lecture, which by means of black humour mocked consumerism.


There are very simple and truly excellent. Kruger uses photographs and adds text to them to send her own message. She has emerged her own unique style. Her works are clear, well composed and easily readable. Now she is known as an artist that through her work highlights feminist, social and political problems. In addition to that she teaches at the University of California. However, she is not the only one who feels the need to state an opinion. After the Internet let us believe that everyone is anonymous, people started creating their own mocking posters. Of course they are far, far away from being considered as a piece of design and usually refer to unimportant matters. Nevertheless, they serve the same cause: freedom of speech in stating ones opinion.

DiCaprio-Oscar-2014-meme-Leo-DiCaprio-Remains-Without-an-Oscar-and-the-Web-Remains-Insane obama-warned a6y938e_700b_v1 cat

At the end of our CTS session we were asked to prepare our own poster that would express a relationship between text and image. Here are two that I have created:

class gender

Combining text and image gives us an amazing opportunity to clearly state what we have to say. It is not an essay, neither a lecture. It is something that we let in the world to make a point or to ask a question by being controversial or simply saying the well-known truth. The simplicity and good design is what makes it so powerful.


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